Laphoon presents youth visage Get a nourishing skin and fade the aging signs that appears due to sun exposure, aging and bad skincare routine. SHOP NOW

LAPHOON is newly started skin care brand for both women and men

Launched to provide you with the best products created from the right ingredients for your skin type. In LAPHOON, beauty has no skin tone or shape or any specific perspectives it’s all about clear skin.

OUR PROducts

Luxury beauty


Luxury beauty

No Artifical Fragnances

We cooperate with the superior manufacturer and the best worldwide to produce natural products for your skin.


The products ingredients which the products made of, are all considered to be safe and effective. Your skin's health matters.

No Harsh Chemicals

The products are paraben, fragrance and color free, so that it doesn’t include any harsh ingredients that causes irritation.

A Message from the founder

As a founder of this brand, I had my own experience with lot of skin care brands and for years I used to cover my face with make-up to hide the dark circles and the pigmentations. It was not easy that every day you wear make up it take your time ruin your skin, but you have no other choice. All of us, women and men went through this problem, that you have uniform skin and you hide it or try to use the right products or treatments, so you waste your time and your money for nothing. For me as the owner of this brand, I wanted to provide the right products that uniform the skin get rid of the dark circles and give you that nourishing skin look. As for me now I go out every day without wearing make-up, concealer or foundation. For me it is a miracle come true and that’s what LAPHOON is providing you.

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